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Relaxing, Life-Like Nature Sounds on CD & MP3

Did you know?

Nature sounds are used as natural therapy for a number of medical conditions such as Tinnitus, drug rehabilitation, attention deficit disorder and more.


Many people find peace and comfort with the sounds of nature.

Actual testimonials:

"I just checked in and found you had another CD, so of course I bought It... I can hardly wait since of all the nature CD's I have (probably around 100 or so) I think yours have the best sound quality."

James, a blind listener from Florida.

"Incredibly real - definitely the real thing with no stupid music!"

David, from Las Vegas

"I want to tell you how much I need and love the Woodland Birds in Chorus and especially the Frogs in Chorus (my absolute favorite)!, it truly relaxes me and drives my stress totally away!
Thank you SO MUCH for making them available."

Lindy, from New York

"Great CDs, close your eyes, you are in the forest and stress is gone."

Brandon, from Indiana

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Album Selection Guide

You might be wondering what the colored boxes and gold symbol found in our product selections indicate.

Gold Series Albums: Gold CD icon

Some of the albums from Natureguy Studio have a gold CD icon next to their title. The gold icon indicates that the sounds were directly recorded in 24-bit digital stereo format, using the world's lowest noise microphones and best performing pre-amps for unprecedented realism. It doesn't mean that I sold so many CDs that they “went gold”, nor that they are physically gold in color. I began using this equipment in 2007, so not all of my albums are Gold Series. I developed my own microphone pre-amps and Analog to Digital converter using the very best components available. This level of performance is currently not available in field recording equipment. Non Gold Series albums were recorded in 16-bit format which was the standard of excellence just a few years ago. Why do I need such good equipment? Recording quality nature sounds requires the lowest noise equipment possible, since outdoor sounds are often distant. Sudden, loud sounds are easily captured at the same time by the high dynamic range of 24-bit technology. The result is very realistic recordings, since I can now exceed the sensitivity of the human ear. I will be adding more Gold Series albums as I record more incredible soundscapes.


Sound Categories:

I have developed color coded categories to help describe each album from Natureguy Studio. This will assist in selecting albums, especially if you are buying for someone else. The color-coded icons are found directly below the album front cover photo. The categories will overlap on some albums. The most significant difference between categories is between Adventure Sounds and Relaxation Sounds. If labeled as both Relaxing and Adventure, the album may have part of a track with a startling sound, but primarily be relaxing.

Walk Series Sounds Walk Series Sounds: This is our exclusive new series of albums where proprietary recording techniques were used to create the listening pleasure of actual nature walks. Sounds change with time and as enviroments change just as they do when you are actually walking. No footsteps will be heard, only the sounds of nature. We are pioneering this recording technique.

Relaxation Sounds Relaxation Sounds: For sleep aids, meditation, and quiet backgrounds, this category has a more consistent volume without sudden loud sounds.

Sound Adventure Adventure Sounds: This category has some vibrant close-up sounds that may be unsuitable for relaxation. This is more typical of an actual outdoor experience. If you enjoy this level of realism, you would like the adventure category.

Bird Songs Bird Songs: This category consists of stereo soundscapes rich in bird songs in a variety of habitats and regions.

Wetland Sounds Wetland Sounds: These sounds are recorded near water. The sounds can be of water itself, or of wildlife associated with water.

Tinnitus Aid Tinnitus Aids: Tinnitus, or ringing in the inner ear, affects millions of people. This special category of sounds have had good success in the treatment and relief of Tinnitus. Read more about Tinnitus and how natural sounds can help relieve the symptoms.