Northern Trails: a Virtual Nature Walk

Introducing a brand new album available: Northern Trails, a Virtual Nature Walk. This is our first release of an album using our proprietary recording techniques that simulates an actual trail walk! It is absolutely amazing. So many more birds are heard and it is very relaxing to listen to.

Listen to a dynamic and exciting new dimension in nature recordings. As you listen, many new birds will be heard over time as environments change, just like you are actually walking. Proprietary recording techniques were used to record the sounds of actual nature walks. Hear the beautiful sounds of nature, without footfalls, music, or narration. Great for relaxation, treadmill exercise, therapy, or when you can’t get outdoors. Experience the sounds of Spring from forest trails in Michigan, Minnesota, and Manitoba Canada. Wood and Swainson’s Thrush, Veery, warblers, vireos, flycatchers, sparrows, Ovenbirds, Grosbeaks, woodpeckers, Snipes, Loons, Coyotes, and more are heard during these walks.

Visit our web site to hear audio samples, including a 3 minute sample from the album on the home page, Note, the samples are short and don’t give the feeling of movement as you would hear if listening for longer periods of time.

Northern Trails Track List:

Manitoba Forest: 28:11 min.

Bird populations soar in this isolated forest habitat surrounded by endless fields of grain. Along the woodland trails, you will hear a great variety of common songbirds, such as Catbirds, Robins, White-throated Sparrows, and countless warbler species. Listen for vireos, Grosbeak, flycatchers, Nuthatch, Veery, House Wren, Red-Wing Blackbirds, and even a pair of Coyotes. See how many birds you can identify.

Michigan Woods: 22:00 min.

Walk along trails through the woodlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in late May. Your walk begins with the songs of various warblers in a swampy wooded area. Listen for a Sandhill Crane as it flies by. Then, enter a woodland that leads to a lake shore. Ovenbird, Wood and Swainson’s Thrush, White-throated Sparrows, vireos, warblers, Great-crested Flycatcher, waterthrush, and more are heard.

Minnesota Lakeside: 29:00 min.

This trail goes for miles along a large, secluded lake, traversing woodlands, fields, and wetlands. Moose and bear tracks are everywhere, and Bald Eagles sail overhead. A delightful chorus of birds accompanies you on this early morning walk in June. Your walk will begin in an open area, with Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and warblers. As you pass by marshes, listen for the winnowing sounds of Common Snipe. Loons are heard calling from the nearby lake. Gentle breezes begin to stir. Abundant flycatchers, warblers, vireos, and woodpeckers are heard as you travel though the woods.

Total Run Time: 79:11 min.

Northern Trails is in stock and ready to ship. Order today and escape to a land of enjoyable nature sounds like you never heard before. This album is available as a CD at:, or as a downloadable MP3 album at:



Free Sampler CD
Free Sampler CD

FREE CD OFFER! With the purchase of the following Nature Home Decor items: Singing Bird Clock, Cardinals Doormat, and Goldfinches Doormat, you will receive a 37 minute demo sampler CD of single track excerpts from 14 different Natureguy Studio albums. Each track excerpt is labeled on the CD face with the album it is from. Enjoy the CD sampler, and use it to make selections of albums you would like to purchase. One free CD offer per person/order. See the details of the products that include this free CD here:


New Album: Toads & Frogs

Toads and Frogs sounds
Toad and Frog Sounds

Enjoy the relaxing, rhythmic sounds, of toad and frog choruses, heard during the warm Spring months. These recordings have been specially selected for a consistent volume, free of loud calls and man-made noises. These longer tracks feature delightful favorites from East of the Rocky Mountains. The sounds, of American, Fowler’s, Woodhouse’s, Great Plains Narrow-mouthed, and Great Plains Toads, plus Spring Peepers, Mountain Chorus, Green, Bull, Plains Leopard, Blanchard’s Cricket, and Green Tree frogs, were recorded at locations in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. The tracks have been edited for nearly seamless looping. Visit our web site to hear audio samples, including a 3 minute sample from the album on the home page,

Toads and Frogs Track List:

Toad Haven: 17:52 min.
Listen to American Toads with a background of Spring Peepers, Green and Bull frogs along a placid river in Pennsylvania. You may also hear a Barred Owl, some Canada Geese at a nearby lake, and the faint screeches of a flying squirrel.

Kentucky Pond: 21:53 min.
This recording was made at a small pond within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky. Blanchard’s Cricket, Green Tree, Bull, and Green frogs join with Fowler’s Toads in a jubilant, yet relaxing, all night chorus in May. In the distance, a Barred Owl and a group of coyotes can be heard.

Texas Canyon: 15:18 min.
Abundant toads and frogs call from a canyon wetland in the Texas panhandle. Blanchard’s Cricket and Plains Leopard frogs join with Woodhouse’s, Great Plains Narrow-mouthed, and occasional Great Plains Toads in this pleasant chorus.

Toads & Frogs is in stock and ready to ship. Order today and escape to a land of enjoyable nature sounds. This album is available as a CD at:, or as a downloadable MP3 album at:

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Singing Bird Clocks are Here

Audubon Singing Bird Clock
Audubon Singing Bird Clock

I am now stocking one of the most popular products for those who enjoy the outdoors and birds, the Audubon Singing Bird clock. 12 of the most popular North American birds are featured on this 13″ Audubon Singing Bird Clock framed in Green Matte. Each hour is announced by the beautiful song of that particular bird — a different song every hour. A light sensor deactivates the sounds when the room is dark. Officially licensed by the National Audubon Society. We now have these clocks at just about the lowest price you can find anywhere.

Buy one today for yourself or for a great gift by clicking this text.

Starting at 12 o’clock, the birds of the hour are: Summer Tanager, Song Sparrow, Purple Martin, American Goldfinch, Wood Thrush, Common Yellowthroat, Eastern Meadowlark, Carolina Wren, Eastern Bluebird, Red-winged Blackbird, Yellow Warbler, and Hermit Thrush.

Powered by 3- AA batteries, not included. For best sound, place this clock in a well lit room. The volume is related to how light the room is. A darker room will cause the volume to be low, and the sound will turn off if totally dark.


New Album: Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove: Northern California Coast Birds in Chorus
Nature sounds from Northern California

Introducing a  brand new album: Hidden Cove: Northern California Coastal Birds in Chorus

Listen to these relaxing sounds from a hidden cove where Redwood forests meet the Pacific Ocean. This cove is a paradise surrounded by protected forests and wilderness zones. Old growth Redwoods, deciduous trees, clearings with grasses and wildflowers, and a mountain stream attract birds in great numbers. California Quail can be seen and heard frequently, as well as Swainson’s Thrush, Stellar Jays, Red-breasted Sapsucker, hummingbirds, warblers, Ravens, and more. Relax to the sounds of nature at this secluded coastal paradise, with no music added. Visit our web site to hear audio samples, including a 3 minute sample (limited time), from the album on the home page,

Hidden Cove Track List:

Shoreline Forest: 40:27 min.
In the early morning mist, a chorus of Robin, Swainson’s Thrush, Song Sparrow, Morning Dove, Western Tanager, and more greet the ear. In the distance, the ever restless waves of the Pacific Ocean can be subtly heard washing ashore.

Quail Haven: 34:40 min.
On a warm, breezy afternoon, the air is filled with the songs of Swainson’s Thrush, calls of abundant California Quail, and sounds of occasional Stellar Jays, Raven, Hummingbirds, Wilson Warblers, Song Sparrow, and more.

Hidden Cove is in stock and ready to ship. Order today and escape to a land of enjoyable nature sounds. This album is available as a CD at:, or as a downloadable MP3 album at:

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California Coast Album now available!

California Coast surf soundsIntroducing a new album of nature sounds, California Coast. Available in CD or MP3 versions.

Listen to the relaxing, rhythmic sounds of the Pacific Ocean along a remote coastline in Northern California. This album has one long track of surf sounds – perfect for relaxing and falling asleep. Hear each wave break on the shore, and recede back along the sandy beach with a bubbling fizz. No music or narration is added, nor are there any other distracting sounds heard. The surf was recorded in calm weather at an inlet, where a small creek meets the ocean and creates unique sounding waves.

This is one of my best recordings of a classical sounding ocean coastline, with distinct waves. Each area of coastline sounds different, depending on the topography, ocean depth, and weather.

For more information on the album, listen to audio samples, and to purchase the album, visit:

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Nature MP3s now available

I wanted to post that I have worked out the details and now have almost all of my nature sound CDs available as MP3 album downloads. Plus, there is at least one track of each album available as a single MP3 download. I hope to add other various tracks that didn’t fit well into an album as single MP3 downloads in the future.

I wasn’t as easy I as thought it would be to able to sell downloads. I spent over a month with endless hassles back and forth with numerous software vendors, and web hosts about the requirements of each. I am telling you, most people don’t know how their own programs work, nor how downloads are handled. I eventually found a software engineer who knew what he was doing, and I was able to get his software integrated into the web site like I wanted to. Yay!

My MP3 downloads are large files. If you are used to downloading music, you will notice my track lengths are much longer, in the 10-30 minute range. Full albums are in the 100MB range. Those of you with dial-up Internet service may run into Microsoft time out errors while downloading due the length of the files. If you do have a time out error, that stops the download, try this: about every 10 minutes, cancel the file download, then restart the download, continue to repeat this until the file is downloaded. Windows saves the download in a temporary file and picks up where it left off when you restart the download. This a trick I learned from once being on dial-up out in the boonies until cable became available. Downloading an album with dial up will take over an hour. Those of you with DSL and Cable Internet service, should be able to download an album in less than 5 minutes, depending on your service provider.

Browse the MP3 files now at


Allegheny Plateau CD available

Allegheny Plateau
Allegheny Plateau

I introduce to you another Gold Series CD, Allegheny Plateau, Songs of Birds in Spring Chorus. The large, connected forests found in Northern Pennsylvania is a rare find in the Eastern USA. Once striped of almost every tree in the early 1900’s, this region has bounced back having forests covering it’s ridges and valleys. This is one of my favorite places to explore, camp, backpack, and to escape the constant hum of traffic. This region has begun to suffer from acid rain from states west of Pennsylvania. Some of the thrushes have suffered the most from the depleted snails and worms that need less acidic soil to thrive. I used to hear beautiful choruses of Wood Thrushes in the Summer evenings, but now I only hear a couple of birds. The Oven Bird has also lost serious numbers. The Verry, on the other hand, appear to be increasing in numbers in the past years, but that maybe that they are more noticeable with a lack of other birds. Good news for the future is that the New England states, since the federal government wasn’t going to do anything, have successfully sued the power generating plants that were causing the majority of the acid rain problems to install scrubbers to dramatically reduce acid rain problems. I certainly hope the scrubbers being installed becomes reality.
I am surprised at the number of Warblers that nest and migrate through this region. While recording the material for this CD, I was surprised by two birds. I found a Woodcock in a small clearing in the forest, prenting in late May. It was so unusual to hear a Woodcock that late in the year. The other surprise was that I found some Whip-poor-wills. I know, your thinking that shouldn’t a big deal. A few years ago, I was on a mission to record Whip-poor-wills. I went to southern Ohio, where I have always heard good numbers before and there was nothing. I had to travel all the way near the Ohio River to find enough to record. I since learned that Whip-poor-wills have been decreasing in numbers greatly, so to hear some in Northern Pennsylvania was a pleasant surprise. It also tells me that the area I was recording was a very good habitat that hasn’t seen the wrath of human sprawl.

Listen to a sample from the Allegheny Plateau album: Natureguy Studio – Grosbeak Ridge

The Allegheny Plateau CD celebrates the sounds of this forest. The sounds were recorded with the lowest noise microphones available and the best, lowest noise microphone amplifier, with direct 24-bit, digital recording and editing. This is one of my very best Eastern woodland bird CDs. Allegheny Plateau differs from my Woodland Birds in Chorus series in that it is not as busy sounding, more relaxing. The Woodland Birds in Chorus series were recorded at the peak of the bird migration with rich sunrise choruses. Allegheny Plateau is a story of a day in the forest, with morning, afternoon, and evening bird songs. Listen to more audio samples and buy your copy today at An MP3 album is also available for download.


Sonoran Desert CD available

Sonoran Desert
Sonoran Desert

I was out traveling this late April and early May on the back roads of New Mexico and Arizona with my brother. It was a two and a half week, cross-country trip where we managed to camp every night. We visited all the birding hot spots I read about, but there just wasn’t much there or we had terrible wind storm problems. We ventured to the most desolate places we could find, and found some areas with good bird activity. During our trip we found out that much of Arizona has been in a very bad drought. Some of our favorite spots in the past, such as Koffa National Wildlife Refuge, was very quiet due to the serious drought conditions. The vegetation looked dead, even the cactus plants were growing black and dropping branches. The few birds and animals that were still in the drought areas were quiet due to the stress. The trick was to find areas that wasn’t so drought stricken. There were some areas east of Phoenix that had normal moisture. The plants were green and blooming, creeks were running, and all the birds were happy. The only problem being east of Phoenix and Tucson was lot of airplanes criss-crossing the skies.

Listen to a short sample from the Sonoran Desert album: Natureguy Studio – Cactus Valley

What was new on this trip is I had all my new recording gear. Earlier in the year I was so busy burning the midnight oil acquiring and building new equipment. I now have a stereo field microphone array using the world’s quietest microphones covered with my custom, high wind, windscreens. The biggest new item is my new microphone amplifier. My brother helped me design it. It is a very low noise unit with accurate, quick responding meters, a number of analog inputs and outputs, plus a 24-bit digital output stream that goes directly into my new digital recorder. I made this amplifier myself because I couldn’t find anything on the market that would actually obtain true 24-bit performance. The parts are available for 24-bit performance, so I made my own. I got the amplifier done less than a week before the trip with hardly any run time on it. It was quite amazing I was able to assemble it without a single error. All the new equipment worked great. Except for a slight glitch with one of the new microphones that was apparently overcome with moisture while recording in Arkansas.
I am quite proud of this new CD. I think it represents the bird sounds heard in the Sonoran Desert. The sounds are very clear, extremely low noise and distortion free. I hope everyone who buys a copy will truly enjoy it. You can find out more information and listen to more audio samples of the CD at


Blog introduction

Bruce Rutkoski
Bruce Rutkoski


Hello, my name is Bruce Rutkoski. I am the owner of Natureguy Studio. My background is in audio recording, electronic engineering, automotive mechanics, business, and mechanical engineering. I guess I was always an environmentalist at heart since I was a kid. I did some volunteer work for the local park districts and the Nature Conservancy in the past. It was really fun work, like deer censuses, owl surveys, bird banding, and invasive species clean up. I love the outdoors and have a deep appreciation for the beautiful order of nature. As a nature recording engineer, I see the effects of human impact on the environment first hand throughout the USA. Often times, I feel like I am in a race to capture the sounds of the birds and animals before their sounds go quiet, or they are drowned out by the noise of man. I have memories of what the Spring woods sounded like when I was very young, and every year since, it has gotten quieter. In my travels I have found a few places that still have that wonderful sound that I remember as a kid. I hope my recordings will not be enjoyable to those who already enjoy nature, but also inspire people to stop, listen, and understand that we share this little blue planet, called Earth, with lot of other important floral and fauna.

I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and share the information freely. The blog will have news and information about Natureguy Studio, and nature related items of interest.

Thanks and take care