New Album: Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove: Northern California Coast Birds in Chorus
Nature sounds from Northern California

Introducing a  brand new album: Hidden Cove: Northern California Coastal Birds in Chorus

Listen to these relaxing sounds from a hidden cove where Redwood forests meet the Pacific Ocean. This cove is a paradise surrounded by protected forests and wilderness zones. Old growth Redwoods, deciduous trees, clearings with grasses and wildflowers, and a mountain stream attract birds in great numbers. California Quail can be seen and heard frequently, as well as Swainson’s Thrush, Stellar Jays, Red-breasted Sapsucker, hummingbirds, warblers, Ravens, and more. Relax to the sounds of nature at this secluded coastal paradise, with no music added. Visit our web site to hear audio samples, including a 3 minute sample (limited time), from the album on the home page,

Hidden Cove Track List:

Shoreline Forest: 40:27 min.
In the early morning mist, a chorus of Robin, Swainson’s Thrush, Song Sparrow, Morning Dove, Western Tanager, and more greet the ear. In the distance, the ever restless waves of the Pacific Ocean can be subtly heard washing ashore.

Quail Haven: 34:40 min.
On a warm, breezy afternoon, the air is filled with the songs of Swainson’s Thrush, calls of abundant California Quail, and sounds of occasional Stellar Jays, Raven, Hummingbirds, Wilson Warblers, Song Sparrow, and more.

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California Coast Album now available!

California Coast surf soundsIntroducing a new album of nature sounds, California Coast. Available in CD or MP3 versions.

Listen to the relaxing, rhythmic sounds of the Pacific Ocean along a remote coastline in Northern California. This album has one long track of surf sounds – perfect for relaxing and falling asleep. Hear each wave break on the shore, and recede back along the sandy beach with a bubbling fizz. No music or narration is added, nor are there any other distracting sounds heard. The surf was recorded in calm weather at an inlet, where a small creek meets the ocean and creates unique sounding waves.

This is one of my best recordings of a classical sounding ocean coastline, with distinct waves. Each area of coastline sounds different, depending on the topography, ocean depth, and weather.

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