Does a tree make a sound when it falls?

We all heard the question before. Does a tree in the woods make a sound if no one is there to hear it? The answer is yes, the tree indeed makes a sound when it falls. Just because a person isn’t there to hear it, doesn’t mean the sound goes unnoticed by the creatures in the woods. Even the trees can feel the impact of the tree fall, from the impact it makes contacting another tree to break limbs, to the light that is now available for the young trees and plants to grow which were underneath the tree. Everything is heard and everything makes an impact.

Now, consider this– does anyone hear my yell if no one is there to hear it? Ah, so you think no one is around to hear you? Making noise, or carrying on loudly anywhere is heard. Even in a “remote” area, there could be people nearby. Those other people may be there to find peace and quiet and may be upset to hear the noise someone is making. Not only that, but the forest creatures will be irritated by noise, which will disrupt their patterns, and maybe even force a bird to leave a nest long enough to kill their young. The moral is that if you want to make noise and yell, consider others around you, and maybe you are better off screaming at a rock concert or game where your sounds will be more welcomed.

I often notice when people go to parks, forests, backpacking, and so forth, they feel they can be loud and no one will notice or complain. In actuality, the quieter the environment, the further sounds carry, and you maybe upsetting more people and creatures than you know are there. I think people should be more respectful, when in a quieter environment, that is actually the time to be quieter. There is no need to yell when someone is next to you. Try to be quieter next time and start enjoying the sounds of nature.

Enjoy the sounds of birds, creeks, insects, frogs, coyote, deer, elk, and more. The sounds of life are beautiful, enjoy them.