Barred Owl Scream

Back in 2007, I was recording elk bugling in Pennsylvania late at night. Often, the sounds of elk bugling cause other animals to vocalize, or otherwise be disturbed by all the ruckus. Often owls would vocalize in response to the bugles. This night, I managed to record a relatively rare, Barred Owl scream. The Barred Owl scream is not very well documented and is absent in recorded sounds of Barred Owls on the Internet. Over the years, I have heard many people get confused, and scared by this scream that most people have never heard. In this recording, the Barred Owl is directly responding to the elk bugling, and the elk seems to respond to the owl. The elk is primarily on the right, and the Barred Owl is on the left. Barred Owls generally have this scream response to things that might upset or startle them, or it is used in confrontation with a competing owl.

PA Elk Barred Owl 092307 Gilmore Trail f0211