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Frogs in Chorus CD

Frogs in Chorus CD
Frogs in Chorus CDFrogs in Chorus CDFrogs in Chorus CD
Frogs in Chorus CDFrogs in Chorus CD
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Listen to the sounds of frog sounds found in the eastern USA.

Listening to Frogs in Chorus is the next best thing to sitting right next to a swamp in the Spring. All digitally recorded and edited as 24-bit audio. Frogs in Chorus is an incredible, 74 minute collection of Frog sounds heard in the Eastern United States. Listen to the wonderful variety of frogs in chorus, from February through June. Great for relaxation and with no background music, just nature's music. Hear Spring Peepers; Wood, Leopard and Pickerel Frogs; American and Southern Toads; Mountain and Swamp Chorus, Green and Gray Tree Frogs; Cricket, Green, and Bull Frogs.

Number of Tracks: 10   Total Run Time: 74:00 Min.

Track samples:

Wetland SoundsSound Adventure

Track List:

Spring Peepers: 6:00 min.
Spring Peepers are some of the most noticeable frogs in the Spring due to their large numbers and early emergence. Listen to the Spring Peepers delightful melody.

Vernal Pool: 5:00 min.
Vernal Pools are shallow, temporary, woodland pools. Wood Frogs often gather in them and call for a short time period. Listen to the Wood Frogs clatter, along with the Swamp Chorus Frogs, which sound similar to stroking the teeth of a comb.

Leopard Pond: 5:00 min.
Northern Leopard Frogs vocalize deep croaks for a short period of time. Here, they are heard during the daytime along with birds.

Mid Ohio Chorus: 10:00 min.
A classic, mid-April chorus of Pickerel Frogs, Spring Peepers, American Toads, and a couple of Wood Frogs. Sometimes you can hear fish jumping out of the water after the frogs.

Kentucky Hills: 15:00min.
High in the hills of Kentucky, a nice chorus of Southern Toad and Mountain Chorus Frogs break the night silence.

Georgia Swamp: 6:00 min.
Green Tree Frog chorus. Listen for the Southern Cricket Frogs in the quiet periods.

Tree Frog Pool: 5:00 min.
Gray Tree Frogs emerge in April and continue to call through July, often from trees. Listen for the Turkey in this track, which sounds similar to a Gray Tree Frog.

May Wetland: 8:00 min.
Gray Tree Frogs, Spring Peepers, and Green Frogs call from this wetland created by beavers.

Green Serenade: 6:00 min.
Enjoy this chorus of Green Frog, often nicknamed the rubber band or banjo frog.

June Frenzy: 8:00 min.
The deep-voiced Bull Frogs and Green Frogs in a larger swamp.

Adventure Sounds Category. Albums with high dynamic range, which may not be considered relaxing to some.
Wetland Sounds Category. Albums with sounds from wetlands.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 24. December 2009.


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