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Ozark Mountains MP3

Ozark Mountains MP3
Ozark Mountains MP3Ozark Mountains MP3Ozark Mountains MP3
Ozark Mountains MP3
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Take a sound adventure, deep into the Ozark Mountains during May, and experience a vibrant, southern bird chorus. The brushy, hardwood forests, which are carved by many scenic riverways, are abundant with wildlife. These nature recordings let you experience this remote region, of the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, from predawn through nightfall. Hear wonderful melodies that delight the ear from Chuck-wills-widows, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Mockingbirds, Woodpeckers, Indigo Buntings, and more. Each track is edited for nearly seamless looping, and recorded using the best digital recording gear available. These vividly life-like, stereo nature recordings have no music added.

Album file size: About 106.8MB. MP3's are 192kbps, packaged  as a group of single MP3s to ease downloading, along with a PDF of the front and inside cover artwork.

Number of Tracks: 4   Total Run Time: 78:40 Min.

Track samples:

Bird SongsSound AdventureGold CD

Ozark Dawn: 36:00 min.
The sounds of the night transition to a chorus of diurnal birds on a warm, foggy morning. Hear Chuck-wills-widows, Barred Owls, Whip-poor-wills, Crickets, and distant Green and Bull Frogs while it is still dark. Northern Mockingbird, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Cardinal, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, Carolina Wren, Indigo Bunting, Blue Jay and more are heard as the first rays of light illuminate the forest.

Morning Frenzy: 16:16 min. Available as a single MP3 file
As the sun rises during mid morning, more birds emerge and sing jubilantly. The Mockingbirds are joined by Woodpeckers, White-eyed Vireo, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Wrens, Warblers, Wood Pewee, Red-tailed Hawks, Pileated Woodpecker, and more. Listen for the hummingbird to visit nearby during this wonderful, mid-morning chorus of bird songs.

Evening Chorus: 13:54 min.
During evening, a relaxing, mellow bird chorus mixed with insect sounds resonates throughout the forest. Hear Carolina Wren, Mockingbird, Bluejay, Cardinal, Indigo Buntings, Pileated Woodpecker, and Yellow-throated Vireo.

Nightfall: 12:30 min.
After dark, only the sounds of the night are heard. Listen to insects and Cope's Tree Frogs as Chuck-wills-widows call and fly about. In the background, there are distant Green and Bull Frogs calling.

Adventure Sounds Category. Albums with high dynamic range, which may not be considered relaxing to some.
Bird Songs Category. Albums with sounds of birds.
Gold CD. Albums recorded/edited in 24-bit digital stereo format using the world's lowest noise microphones and best performing pre-amps for unprecedented realism.

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