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Summer Insects 1 CD

Summer Insects 1 CD
Summer Insects 1 CDSummer Insects 1 CDSummer Insects 1 CD
Summer Insects 1 CDSummer Insects 1 CD
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Summer Insects I – Great Lakes / Mid Atlantic regions

Surround yourself with the relaxing, soothing sounds of insects heard during the hot summer nights in the Great Lake and Mid Atlantic states. These exquisite digital, stereo recordings are free from added music. True Katydids, Bush Katydids, Coneheads, and a variety of crickets and grasshoppers join in with the subtle sounds of elk, coyote, owls, and frogs. Each track gently cross-fades into the next for smooth continuous listening.

Number of Tracks: 9   Total Run Time: 75:56 Min.

Track samples:

Relaxation SoundsTinnitus Aid

Track List:

Peaceful Meadow- 6:24min.
Darkness descends upon a grassy meadow after a hot summer day. Listen to a variety of crickets, grasshoppers, and katydids that inhabit this country meadow.

Elk Country- 10:57min.
On a late summer night in the hills of Pennsylvania, the murmurs of bugling elk join the insect chorus. Distant Barred Owls can also be heard.

Screech Owl Haunt- 8:50min.
Two Screech Owls pass through a lonely country hideaway on a hot, humid summer night. Listen to the sounds of crickets, Bush and True Katydids, Coneheads, and the eerie calls of the Eastern Screech Owl.

Coyote Hills- 9:15min.
Hear distant coyotes yelp among the rolling hills during this moonlit night. A lively chorus of True Katydids and field insects sing out.

Foggy Hollow- 9:20min.
After an evening thunderstorm, fog settles into this woody, swampy hollow. Moisture can be heard dripping from the trees, as Green Frogs call out from the water. True Katydids dominate the insect chorus as they call from the trees.

Farmland Chorus- 8:33min.
An old, overgrown farm hosts a mixture of tree and field insects. Hear the Barred Owls call out as the crickets, grasshoppers, and katydids join in chorus.

Summer Woods- 6:39min.
Bush and True Katydids join crickets in this woodland chorus on a warm summer night.

Brush Chorus- 7:58min.
Common Conehead, crickets, and katydids sound off in the heavy brush of this secluded field.

August Night- 7:45min.
Hear an abundance of highly active insects on this exceptionally hot, humid August night.

Tinnitus Relief Category. Sounds shown to be helpful for Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, relief.
Relaxing Sounds Category. Albums with relaxing, even volume, or more gentle sounds.

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