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Toads & Frogs CD

Toads & Frogs CD
Toads & Frogs CDToads & Frogs CDToads & Frogs CD
Toads & Frogs CD
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Enjoy the relaxing, rhythmic sounds, of toad and frog choruses, heard during the warm Spring months. These recordings have been specially selected for a consistent volume, free of loud calls and man-made noises. These longer tracks feature delightful favorites from East of the Rocky Mountains. The sounds, of American, Fowler's, Woodhouse's, Great Plains Narrow-mouthed, and Great Plains Toads, plus Spring Peepers, Mountain Chorus, Green, Bull, Plains Leopard, Blanchard's Cricket, and Green Tree frogs, were recorded at locations in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. The tracks have been edited for nearly seamless looping.

Number of Tracks: 4   Total Run Time: 79:01 Min.

Track samples:

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Toads and Frogs Track List:

Mountain Pond: 23:55 min.
American Toads, Spring Peepers, and Mountain Chorus Frogs serenade at a beaver pond in the Big Frog Wilderness of Southeastern Tennessee. This relaxing chorus is heard during April.

Toad Haven: 17:52 min.
Listen to American Toads with a background of Spring Peepers, Green and Bull frogs along a placid river in Pennsylvania. You may also hear a Barred Owl, some Canada Geese at a nearby lake, and the faint screeches of a flying squirrel.

Kentucky Pond: 21:53 min.
This recording was made at a small pond within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky. Blanchard's Cricket, Green Tree, Bull, and Green frogs join with Fowler's Toads in a jubilant, yet relaxing, all night chorus in May. In the distance, a Barred Owl and a group of coyotes can be heard.

Texas Canyon: 15:18 min.
Abundant toads and frogs call from a canyon wetland in the Texas panhandle. Blanchard's Cricket and Plains Leopard frogs join with Woodhouse's, Great Plains Narrow-mouthed, and occasional Great Plains Toads in this pleasant chorus.


Tinnitus Relief Category. Sounds shown to be helpful for Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, relief.
Relaxing Sounds Category. Albums with relaxing, even volume, or more gentle sounds.
Wetland Sounds Category. Albums with sounds from wetlands.
Gold CD. Albums recorded/edited in 24-bit digital stereo format using the world's lowest noise microphones and best performing pre-amps for unprecedented realism.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday, 29. October 2010.


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