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Relaxing, Life-Like Nature Sounds on CD & MP3


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Contact Natureguy Studio

We are easy to reach. Write an email, give us a call, write to us. Any questions, concerns, or to let us know about nature sounds you would like to hear, we are always happy to hear from you.

Natureguy Studio
PO Box 376
Newton Falls, OH 44444


Phone: 330-296-4928
Fax: 330-296-4910

Normal business hours: 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Std. Time.

You will need to call before faxing for us to accept fax transmissions.

Our MySpace profile has extra length audio samples that you may listen to and even add to your own profile. Add us as a friend. We are on Imeem, add us as a friend there, and you can also share our music with your friends at many online locations that are able to link to Imeen music. You may also listen to our radio station of sample tracks on

See our profile on Myxer, to download free bird and animal ringtones directly to your cell phone. Yes, I said FREE. You may also find free ringtones within this website.

You will find some recording trip photo albums on our Facebook profile.

Visit our YouTube channel for exclusive videos from us. I plan on adding more interesting videos there in the future.

Visit our blog concerning information I blog about, like recording trips, interesting things I photograph, or other things related to the natural world.

Follow us on Twitter. I am not sure of the value of Twitter yet, but if you are interested, add us and start following.