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Tiger Swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail

"I have always pushed the limits of recording technology and developed my own specialized equipment to produce the very best nature sounds available. I spend long hours editing the sounds to produce high quality CD and MP3 albums that you will enjoy."

Bruce Rutkoski
Natureguy Studio

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Mexican Poppies
Mexican Poppy




We are in business to produce and sell some of the best nature sounds CDs and MP3 downloads available. It is important for us to satisfy our customers, and have them return to purchase new products. Listen to what some of our customers have written to us:

"I just checked in and found you had another CD, so of course I bought It... I can hardly wait since of all the nature CD's I have (probably around 100 or so) I think yours have the best sound quality."

James, a blind listener from Florida.

"I'm so glad you exist, Natureguy. Love you;love your work. Keep it up, please. There's people out here couldn't sleep without you."

Melis, from Ohio


"Your CDs are amazing, for myself and others for the Holidays. Thanks again!"

Jennifer, from Michigan


"I use your recordings as background for me when I am around the house, when we have friends over as mood 'music', and when I exercise. Just wanted you to know how I use them and how much I enjoy ALL of the ones I have. The first ones, I bought as CDs several years ago....the woodland birds, frogs, and creeks. I have them all loaded on my ipod and ipad."

Beth, from Kansas


"I love the recordings so much and my elderly mom would too. We are both expats from Maine. Keep up the good work!"

Joyce, from New Zealand


"I just want to say how much I LOVE your recordings.  They are so beautiful and soothing to listen to.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  I appreciate that I can just tune into my MP3 player instead of booking a flight out and rowing a boat to 'wherever you go'. ;-)"

Nora, from Internetland

"I just received the Sonoran Desert CD. It was everything I had hoped it would be. I have spent the last two Springs hiking in Saguaro NP and find that I miss the sounds as much as the scenery. This CD fills that void beautifully. The sound clarity, fidelity and quality are captured perfectly and realistically-good work!"

Bob, from Canada

"I am a huge fan of your recordings.  I now have most of them.  Your recordings are by far the best of any of the nature CDs in my collection.  I play them continuously when I read or meditate and recently I had a bout with tinnitus and they were of tremendous help."

Elizabeth, from Georgia


"I recently purchased a few of your CD's and I think they are wonderful!!! I especially like Frogs in Chorus. I love frogs, and this is one of the best frog CD's I've heard - good variety of species - great job!!! I will be watching for more of your work, and will share your website with others - thanks for these wonderful recordings!!!"

Gail, from Oklahoma

"When I heard the first insect sounds, I knew I was back in the elk range.  I had tried my luck recording Winslow Hill music on several occasions with different recording systems.  Although I got some decent stuff it isn’t anywhere near the quality of your material.  You did a great job!!!  That’s a really good CD..  I could smell the bull breathing down on me when I heard some of those bugles.  The cow talk was also great.  I could just see the herd of cows and calves grazing in the fields with the bull working the perimeter."

Gary, from Pennsylvania

"Your customer service is terrific! You respond immediately and courteously to your customers, and meet their needs with absolutely NO hassles! It is very unusual and very pleasant. As pleasant as the CD itself."

Jessica, from Michigan

"Awesome sound quality, love it, thank you!"

Beth, from Pennsylvania


"Great CDs, close your eyes, you are in the forest and stress is gone."

Brandon, from Indiana

"Not sure how he does it. Fantastic sound quality CDs, just like being out there!"

Mark, from Pennsylvania

"You do nice work, I have been very happy with the other CD's I ordered from your site. Your recordings are far superior to anything I purchased previously."

Tim, from New York


"Incredibly real - definitely the real thing with no stupid music!"

David, from Las Vegas

"I want to tell you how much I need and love the Woodland Birds in Chorus and especially the Frogs in Chorus (my absolute favorite)!, it truly relaxes me and drives my stress totally away! Thank you SO MUCH for making them available."

Lindy, from New York

"I loved it so much that I just have to keep playing it over and over again."

Suzanne, from Ohio

"I slapped it into the CD player immediately—and what an inspiration! I loved it! I played it over and over again. What a spring prescription for a late fall day!"

Anne, from Massachusetts

"I ordered Creeks & Waterfalls for my husband who cannot sleep without background sounds because of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). I was getting tired of his somewhat artificial sounding "noise machine." I was looking for an alternative. He has played Creeks & Waterfalls on auto-loop for several nights now and has no trouble falling to sleep with it. Plus, I find it much more natural sounding, and more pleasant than the previous sound machine he used. Thank you for your great product."

Jessica, from Michigan


"I especially enjoyed the "Summer Insects Vol. I" CD. What a tremendous CD! I liked the dense, polyphonic insect choruses on each track and the way the tracks blend into each other. I played the CD all day Saturday. I have been looking for a CD like this for some time now, and all I had been able to find were some nature CD compilations with a stray track of crickets or a track of cicadas--but nothing like this. I also managed to secure a CD comprised solely of cricket sounds, but the texture wasn't as dense. I'd like to think that I'm not given to hyperbole, but your CD is very, very well-done."

Bob, from New York